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Dear Friend,

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customer feedback

Many of his customers, clients and visitors have been saying a lot of nice things about Jim Capobianco...

But don't take my word for it... see what others have to say...

"You Have Inspired Me and Helped With Advice"

Hi Jim,

Hopefully you remember me! Just wanted to say that I signed up for your BizTips and find them invaluable. I am printing them off and filing them for useful ideas when I am improving my sites and elevating my business. I can't believe it though! My business is going from strength to strength and it's people like you that have inspired me and helped with advice etc!

Thanks again

"No One Else That I Have Asked Has Done This Much For Me."

Hi Jim,

Thank you so much for all of helpful information that you have given us.  You have helped us a lot, and we will definitely use the information. I really appreciate all of your time and effort. No one else that I have asked has done this much for me.

Thanks again

"I'll Be Bookmarking the Site and Checking Back Regularly."

Good evening, Jim

I just found the site while doing a Google search on DBA rules and laws, and I've got to tell you, I'll be bookmarking the site and checking back regularly.

Rafael Armstrong

Elmwood Park, NJ

"I Find Your Site and Newsletter Motivational and Inspirational"

Gosh Jim, thanks for your quick reply! I am delighted to hear from you so soon. I am an admirer of yours as I find your site and newsletter motivational and inspirational even for a newbie like me! I am going to print off your mail and read through it but from what I see at a glance, it is going to be very helpful to me. It gladdens my heart to get this help because I am really only at the start of my business and trying to keep costs as low as possible for the moment.

Claire Hagarty
Dublin, Ireland

"Your Sincerity and Honesty Come Across In Every Aspect of Your Site."

I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job of conveying the business knowledge you have and more importantly for your sincerity and honesty that come across in every aspect of your site. I will order from you as soon as I am able, but in the meantime look forward to reading your articles. Thank You ! for doing such a terrific job.


"Your Guidance Surely Reflects The Wisdom That Comes With Your Age."


I am very impressed with your materials!

Having just read through your Beginner's Guide I can see without a doubt that I stumbled upon about the best source of information I would ever want. Your Guide surely reflects the wisdom that comes with your age-something never to be ashamed of. I know you're not ashamed.

I look up to you as my Coach and drop all the others! I don't suspect, I know I will enjoy your ebook 10 Steps to Your Own Home Based Business!

Trusting someone over the Internet has been my big problem that kept me endlessly searching and gathering for weeks. I thought it time to stop poring over endless pages, and settle down this evening with your Guide which was easy to read and understand!

I like the way you write. I have been looking for you but didn't even know it until I stumbled into your presence! Just let me freely tell others about you.

Now that my search is over, my research will go somewhere! Not so intimidated anymore!

A Very Satisfied Customer,

Tampa, FL

"Your Instructions Were Great (easy)! You Are Awesome!"

"Jim - Thanks again - your instructions were great (easy) ! You are awesome! I have been reading your site again and again- there is so much information and I will definitely purchase some of it through the links that you offer. Jim, thank you !! I cant tell you enough how grateful I am for your help."

Dave Jones
California, USA

P.S. " Maybe you should write an e-book on "How to use your computer in simple English" - I think it would make a fortune!!!"


"Jim Always Seems to Have His Pen on the Heartbeat Of Things."

"In this edition, we have another guest article from Jim Capobianco. Jim always seems to have his pen on the heartbeat of things I've been thinking about sharing with you, so its been nice that I don't even have to write the articles."

Ralph Hilliard
WordNet Solutions - editor The Christian Web Chronicles

"You Have Mastered the Art of Writing"

"I was impressed by your article. It seems you have mastered the art of writing. Having meaningful ideas and conveying it to your audience is a matter of the highest consummate skill. Please accept my congratulations."

G Kumar

"Your Articles Have Given Me So Much Knowledge."

Hello there Jim,

First of all, I wanted to say you are an inspiration and a very valuable resource. Your articles have given me so much knowledge and helped me go from being a complete newbie to someone with some degree of business knowledge!

All the best, Claire

"I Found Your Web-Site Very Interesting."

Hi Jim.

I just wanted to let you know I found your web-site very interesting. I have been trying to find a home based business for some time now, but everything I found seem,s to be a scam.


"You Are the Greatest!"


You are the greatest! Thanks again for all your help-

Yours In Success, 

Lois Bodycote

"A Very Happy Camper!"

Jim - you made my brother Daniel a very happy camper!


"Your Website Is Fabulous!"

Hello. I read your website and it is fabulous.


"Your Site Looks Pretty Neat!"


My name is Janet. I happened to surf into your site, and I think it looks pretty neat! 

"I Really Enjoy My Issues of The Cap-tech Times!"

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. I really enjoy my issues of The Cap-Tech Times!

Sandi Moses

"I Looked at Your Website and I Am Impressed."

Dear Jim

I looked at your website and I am impressed to the point that I have put a link on the program section of my Website This is a Canadian web site that has information on starting a business.

Thank you


"Your Ebook Has Put Me in a Position Where I Feel Confident."


"Wanted to let you know that your ebook "10 Steps to Your Own Home Based Business" has put me in a position where I feel confident in proceeding forward. I was already close but had a few key questions that needed answered (and you did).

It's good to see someone who is willing to give the answers up front. Too many times these books are more like ads asking you to buy more and more ebooks or seminars to get the "real" answer.

In the end though the universe will pay you back ten-fold, so in the long run it will pay off. For example, I know I'll be very interested in any new materials you come out with since I know it will be a useful and valuable product."



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