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Chiropractic or physiotherapy? There is a very thin difference between these almost similar procedures and very many people confuse the two to the extent of even failing to identify the specific therapy undergone. The choice of when to visit either professional is also a challenge to many. The standard practice of these two closely related health professions involves, drug-free, non-invasive and manual techniques skillfully applied to improve physical functions and generally the quality of life.

The therapeutic intervention you seek will depend on the particular condition and its severity. Which service should you try first?  The answer to this question is derivable from the knowledge and ability to distinguish between the two professions and the services that they offer. Physiotherapist and chiropractors take a nearly similar treatment approach; hence it is usually difficult to know which therapy is suitable and appropriate timing.

Chiropractic care vs. physiotherapy

There is almost no difference between these two, and the technological advancements responsible for significant overlap further complicates this.

  • Mechanism: Chiropractic care mainly involves manipulation of the spine while physiotherapy largely depends on mobility and flexibility restoration.
  • The treatment goals are different; while chiropractic treatment aims at the correct alignment of the spine, the primary focus of physiotherapy is rehabilitation, prevention, and treatment of injuries to facilitate mobility.
  • Physiotherapy is evidence-based and used only when adequate scientific approval is available whereas chiropractic is mainly empirical and based on outcome and functionality.
  • Chiropractic care often associated with neck and spine manipulation involving techniques such as hands-on care, ultrasound, and exercise while physiotherapy primarily employs robust massage techniques.

Five reasons why you should try chiropractic treatment before physiotherapy

1. Economic considerations

Chiropractic services are more affordable as compared to physiotherapy. Physiotherapy charges for several machine fees on top of the hands-on rates while for chiropractic care, tests such as X-rays are only done on first visits.\

2. Specific injury

Chiropractic is better placed to deal with certain types of injuries such as neck pain and back trauma and may be the only required treatment. Therefore, it is prudent you visit a chiropractic clinic in case of the above musculoskeletal injuries before seeing a physiotherapist.

3. Quick pain alleviation

Research shows that chiropractic care offers immediate pain relief and sometimes a single session is sufficient. In events of acute severe pain-causing injury, it is advisable that you visit a chiropractor in north york first to handle the pain before consulting a physiotherapist. Surprising, chiropractic care is more effective in pain relief than most analgesics.

4. Personalized attention

Chiropractic treatment is efficient in patient-driven care whereby the patient is fully in charge of the therapy. For physiotherapy, physician or machine monitoring is necessary.

5. Natural healing

This reason has, however, triggered ethical and scientific debates. Chiropractic allows the body mechanisms to exploit options and healing is mostly by natural means. You should give the body time to self-heal first. If evidence of deterioration persists, then you should visit a physiotherapy clinic or a general physician.

Chiropractic care is more specific and thus provides a good starting point for therapy.